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PA System for Masjid and Surau

Get The Best Total Sound Solution Of Your Masjid

We provide consultation, design, supply & install the best customise sound solution according to atmosphere and dimension of the Masjid or Surau. Our solution ensure uniformity of Azan speakers are best in long run and durable.

How important the sound pressure level during Azan ? Internally the prayers of the Imam must be heard by every one. There are times the microphones is causing the problems.

The real fact is that Azan must be heard clearly by every worhsipper therefore the equipments ( speakers and microphone ) should be carefully selected and integrate according to the structure and acoustic characteristics of the mosque. Dont miss out of quality connectors and cables that at all times these are the issue or problem creator in long run. Line array speakers for masjid hall and column speakers for middle sized masjid hall provide best sound that remove echo and feedback noise as well. Our designed solution applied in many Masjid and Surau nationwide with a capable Design team and PA System Installer that already in this industry for almost 20 years in Malaysia. 

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